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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I have PCOS and OH is mad for a baby

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the site and signed up specifically for advice as I don't know where to start.

I'm 27 and was Diagnosed with PCOS at 17. I have Cysts on both ovaries and don't ovulate.

I have been with my OH for 7 years. When we were together after a year I was worried about my PCOS and knew it would be hard to conceive. at the time I was only 21 and OH was 19. I convinced him to let me start fertility treatment then and he agreed.

I went to the doctors who referred me to a fertility specialist. I had blood work, scan & my tubes tested. OH had his sperm checked. Back then everything was fine. The fertility specialist prescribed me with 50mg of Clomid. I took it days 2-6 and had blood & scans done on days 21 that should big follicles and that I ovulated. We done 3 rounds. I was like the anti christ on Clomid and OH heart wasn't in it as he felt we were too young. We had too many stresses with bereavements in our family at the time so we gave up.

Roll on 6 years and now my OH is desperate for a child. It's all he's talking about and I would love one too but I'm scared I can't.

I've started atkins and have lost 16lbs as I remember from seeing the fertility specialist that to get the best chance of clomid working and to conceive is if my BMI is 25. Its Currently 28.

My question to you all is will my doctor be able to prescribe me the clomid again or will I have to wait weeks'months to see a specialist. Will I have to redo all the tests we had before?

In the 7 years of us being together we have never used any contraception so I know its going to be such a struggle.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated x

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Hey there,

I have PCOS and have been one of the lucky ones on Clomid.

No one here can really tell you if your doctor will prescribe Clomid for you, but it'd probably be best to get the ball moving as soon as possible if this is what you want to do.

It's pretty safe to say that if you've not used contraception in the past 7 years and not conceived, it's likely you're not ovulating. Most doctors would just want to clarify that though, so I would expect at the very least you'd need to have another another ultrasound, bloods on CD 3 and on CD 21/7 days before you get AF. Your OH will probably need to have another SA. It's possible that things could have changed for him. I was prescribed Clomid without an HSG, but it seems pretty standard in the US.

From what I've read, they generally recommend no more than 6 cycles of Clomid. I'm not sure if that's all up or in one go. But there are other options like Femara/Letrozole and also injectables too.

Like you say, it's best if your BMI is within a healthy weight. Keto diet seems to be what's recommended for women with PCOS. I also briefly read an article about exercise and PCOS. Some forms of exercise can actually increase your testosterone levels, which is not what you want.

You might also want to look into a supplement called Inositol.

I hope you can get into a specialist and start a treatment plan ASAP

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