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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Experience with RHS (Reproductive Health Specialists) in Pittsburgh or Shady Grove?

Hi all,

I am back on the boards after a traumatic twin pregnancy (delivered at 24 weeks and lost one of the twins after 10 hours). I got pregnant by surprise last September (while still pumping breast milk) but unfortunately it ended up being a BO as there was nothing but an empty sac at my first ultrasound at 8W, and again at 9W, and again at 10W before my D&C. I went back to my RE and had a few more surgeries (more scar tissues were found, then found a hole in my uterus from the C-section). Then he wanted us to try naturally for two cycles before treatments. After that we started injectables again and the first cycle was a BFN, we are now on our second injectable cycle and I'm about to start my first dose tonight. He said if I don't get pregnant this cycle I should move into IVF.

My local clinic seems to have pretty horrible success rates according to their SART reports, especially for women over 35 (I'm now 39). Unfortunately they are the only guys in town. The next closest options are 1.5 hours away in Pittsburgh, but Reproductive Health Specialists (RHS) in Pittsburgh seems to have AMAZING success rates ( When I asked around on a local group almost everyone recommended Shady Grove in Maryland. However, their success rates ( seem to be much lower than RHS.

Has anyone had experience with either place? Related to that, how would you choose which IVF clinic to go to? Solely based on their success rates?

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