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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Kisspeptin trial journey

In a previous thread I mentioned I was 27 with PCOS and my partner is mad for a baby. After 7 years we are ready to start a family. After previously trying 50mg of Clomid (which resulted in ovulation) we gave up as we felt we were too young and had too many stresses in like with breavement ect.

The other day OH came home from work and handed me the newspaper. He had seen an advert in the free metro newspaper on his way home from work looking for females between the ages of 18 & 35 who suffer from PCOS to take part in a trial from kisspeptin. I have emailed them and I have been successful. From research I believe its a natural hormone us with PCOS don't produce and can stop the chances of over stimulation on the ovaries from fertility drugs.

I will be injected with the hormone on any of the days between days 1-4 of my period. I will go in at 8am until 10pm at night. They will take blood every half an hour after the hormone has been injected. I'l then have to go in 24 hours later to give blood & 48 hours later to give blood. Apparently kisspeptin will mature a good follicle.

I would like to document my journey on here.

Fingers crossed it cures my infertility x

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