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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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13 years..

13 years of trying for #1.. I had given up for awhile there but was recently diagnosed with endometriosis and had an excision laparoscopy to remove the stage 4 endo they found in there. That was done at the end of May. The surgery just happened to be done the same week that months period was suppose to be so I bleed after the surgery for about 3 days. 26 days later I had a 5 day heavy period (scary heavy, if my doctor hadn't warned me that my next period might be bad I would have thought I was dying) and then started estrogen in the form of vaginal estradiol tabs. That cycle started on June 26th. This was prescribed by the specialist who did the surgery, its his opinion that I'm premenopausal and have a low ovarian reserve thanks to the endo..
He wants to help build my monthly lining and try to get my body doing what its suppose to do.

My question right now is; does anyone have experience with this drug and did it make your cycles long or late? Or cause you to miss a period?

For years now my cycles are between 26 and 33 days long. This is my first month on this pill and I'm going into day 42 with no period still. I called my doctor last Monday and asked and the nurse just said if I haven't started or gotten a positive HPT to call the following Monday to schedule an ultrasound.. well, I haven't started or gotten a positive test. I'm going crazy. I'm going to call Monday but I was hoping someone could share their experience. I'm hoping I'm pregnant but I have no symptoms, just a missed period and three negative tests. I've never missed a period. And sometimes I suddenly feel like I'm going to start but nothing..
Ok, sorry to jump right in but I signed up here hoping someone can help with anything they've been dealing with themselves.
Thanks for reading my novel.

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Its definitely possible that you ovulated a bit late because the estrogen would suppress FSH so your follicle wouldn't have grown as quickly. I hope you'll get some answers soon!

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