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ttc 3 years

Truthfully, I'm not sure why I chose to sign up for baby&bump today. October will mark 3 years that my husband and I have been ttc our first. I was bummed & frustrated the first year but I kept telling myself a year is not that long. My husband was in the middle of residency (hes finally finished but doing a 1 year fellowship) and so I thought maybe we were both a little stressed. After the first year we went to a fertility clinic, we were both tested, everything came back fine except they found 3 small polyps on my uterus. (which apparently is not a big deal but can cause problems with implanting) in February 2016 I had them removed, quick easy outpatient surgery. I convinced myself this was our problem so we decided to try on our own for a few months. (in the midst of this, my bro in laws new gf got pregnant, as did my sister - so it gave me hope) the 2 year mark came and still nothing, so I deceided it was time to go back to see our fertility dr. I scheduled to begin IUI but after the first ultrasound, they found another small polyp (they can reoccur in 30% of people) which had to be removed before any treatments began. So in January 2017 I had that surgery. I was cleared for my first round of IUI & 50 clomid in March 2017, which produced 3 follicles. I am well aware that IUI often does not work the first round or 2 so I went in thinking that once I got the ball rolling, everything would work out in a few months. I did not become pregnant after the first round, and was very hopeful when my dr & nurse said my results were excellent & then when I went in for my day 2 ultrasound, they said my lining was too thick & i could not proceed that cycle. Unfortunately, my husband and I were just putting our home on the market, as we were moving from PA to NC in july and we were under major stress so I opted to pick back up in NC. Over the entire last 3 years, we continued to try on our own, use OPKS ect. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility which honestly is the were not sure answer. I will be scheduling to start all over again with a new DR in NC and I am very hopeful that this will be our year 17-18. I'm just really frustrated that we haven't been able to get pregnant on our own in 3 years, and we keep running into major road blocks with starting treatments. Thanks for listening.

PS. if one more person with a baby says to me "we are going to try for #2 in march and get pregnant in april because we are obviously very fertile" i will prob stab my eyes out.

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I am sorry that you have had to deal with LTTTC. It is such a long and isolating journey. Over the years I have found the ladies here on bnb to be a great support.

I hope your new clinic will be able to help you get your baby.

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First off - welcome to BnB
Secondly, I know at times it seems like the whole world is pregnant but you however you are certainly not alone. A lot of women are having trouble ttc. For some of us, it is a long tiring journey... with the sole purpose of making us stronger, more patient when that baby finally arrives

I was ttc for 2 years before DS. And I can tell you fron experience that waiting for him these 2 years was very hard but it taught me a lot. Made me more ready to handle childcare in ways I didn't know.
I am now ttc #2 and have been for 2 years and 2 months... Sometimes I get frustrated too... But all I can say is : maybe there is something I need to learn by patience before I have 2 kids

I wish you better luck in your new clinic I hope you get a surprise BFP reaaaaal soon

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Sorry to hear this I had issues conceiving #2 but I found out my thyroid was ever so slightly sluggish but within normal ranges on labs. Make sure your TSH level is between 1-2 ideally nearer 1 as this has helped me loads. Research it if your the level is over 2 and speak to your RE. Good luck

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Hey we are also unexplained. We are coming up to the 2 year mark in Nov/Dec. We've done 2 IUIs already and nothing has worked. We're taking a break for now and seeing a naturopath. Sometimes its hard to know what to do next when you're unexplained. I expect we'll do one last IUI and then look at IVF in the spring.

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I am sorry to know your story. I am sure your dreams will come true. A few friends of mine were in the same boat, but they didn't give up and got pregnant naturally or via IVF with donor eggs or PGS NGS. Keep my fingers crossed.

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I know it's an awful feeling. So many emotions you can't express to just anyone. You are taking the right steps with your dr appts. I think getting a second opinion in your new area will be a what you need. I just want you to know I feel your pain and that there is hope.

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welcome and

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