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Progesterone to stop m/c?

Does anyone have any info/opinions on the use of progesterone pesseries as a way to prevent miscarriages? I've been TTC for 2 years, can't take any more clomid for irregular ovulation (had 11 cycles so far and new regs say 9 is the max due to cancer risk). Fertility specialist has said that due to the fact that I have had two miscarriages recently (one at 7 and one at 12 weeks) he would rather try to decrease risk of losing next baby to a m/c than try another treatment for irregular ovulation. The next step is IVF and I can't afford this so my options are limited.
I'm sure I've read somewhere that progesterone is a signal that a m/c is happening rather than a hormone than can be boosted to prevent pregnancy loss. He has freely admitted that this is an 'empirical treatment' that is quite old fashioned but doesn't have many side effects. Not really sure what to think!
Thank you!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I just wanted to give you my experience. I have not had a miscarriage, however I did have to use the progesterone suppositories.

When I started taking femara they did ultrasounds every few days to check my follicles then when it looked like I was about to ovulate they had me use ovulation strips. They told me as soon as it turned positive to come in so they could confirm ovulation and check my progesterone. When my ovulation was confirmed my levels were pretty low so I was on them through most of my first trimester. From what they explained is that low progesterone can cause problems with implantation and early miscarriage.

Are they testing your progesterone when you ovulate? If not, you may want to mention it just so you know for sure if that's an issue.

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Progesterone is what supports the pregnancy in the first stages. It's there naturally in the corpus luteum (what's left when egg left ovary) and that releases a hormone that sustains the pregnancy to begin with.

In the U.K. There has been studied about progesterone and it's effectiveness is not truly known, the study was only small but more went home with a baby that took it than those that didn't...even though the difference was tiny.

It's used more widely in America than you won't get a gp to prescribe unless you have had 3+ consecutive miscarriages with no live births.

I fought for it and managed to get it privately. I have been taking it since 5 weeks due to bleeding. Who knows if it's actually done anything (taking it at implantation is best use) but I feel like doing something, anything makes me feel more positive.

Good luck!

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I have use progesterone a lot. Progesterone will only prevent miscarriage if low progesterone is the cause of a miscarriage. It will not prevent a miscarriage for any other reason. I have had several miscarriages while taking progesterone. Have you tried Aspirin? There is a thought that Aspirin can help.

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