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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Clomid and Follicle Size


I've never posted to a forum like this before but I have a question (neurosis lol). This is my first cycle trying clomid, I do ovulate but I have slightly low FSH and my husband has slightly low motility so the doctor thought we could use a boost. I took 50mg from 5-9 and today went in for my day 11 scan (supposed to be 12 but tomorrow is Saturday). He saw two maturing follicles one was 24mm and the other was 14. At that point he provided me with three choices, one to do OPKS at home, two to do the trigger shot today, and three (which he said we aren't there yet) to discuss IUI. Previous to todays appointment I hadn't heard anything about a trigger shot from him so I decided to just do OPKs and time it at home however now I am wondering if the trigger shot would have been a better option? The doctor was very excited at the 24mm follicle but when I googled it seems that sometimes too large of a follicle is a bad thing and could turn into a cyst? Should I have triggered and kept it at a similar size instead of letting it grow larger a few more days? I don't typically ovulate until cd 15-17. Or should we be ok?

Thanks in advance.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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The trigger was better choice

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