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Clomid question

Has anyone else had really bad boob pain taking clomid? I took it cycle day 2/6 and I'm now CD 23 but for last week or so I'm in agony with my boobs
I feel like I've Had a mini boob job as they've got a little bigger too lol

I took clomid nearly 7 year ago and conceived my daughter but I can't remember feeling like this or maybe I did and have forgot lol

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I did my first round of clomid back in September/October 2017. My boobs were a little more sore than usual, but nothing crazy. They usually don't get very sore at all, though, which I think is because I have a problem with low progesterone in my LP. I've heard from a lot of people that their boobs hurt like crazy while on clomid because it gave their progesterone such a boost.

Seriously, though, everyone is different! And what's more, symptoms/side-effects can vary from cycle-to-cycle for the same person. My first cycle of clomid I had horrible headaches but textbook ovulation symptoms; this round, zero headaches but trying to read my ovulation symptoms is stressing me out, haha.

I hope the sore boobs are a good sign that this is your month!!

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