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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ultrasound results after TTC 2 years

So a little background story on myself, at 15 years old I had to have surgery to remove cysts and my left tube and thought the left ovary as well. But the transvaginal ultrasound says different, apparently the left ovary is still there and the sizes are left ovary 5cm and right 12cm. I have been having multiple pain, bleeding and cramps now during all parts of my cycle and am waiting for a call for a GYN my clinic doc has sent me to.

The uturus looks healthy and good with no fiboriods or any issues so only thing giving me trouble seems to be the tubes or ovaries. I think the swelling from the right side might be due to my tube since they have had to remove my left side due to twisting and complications when I was 15. I guess what I'm asking is there any thing anyone knows of that would save it or be helpful knowledge? They also mentioned I have multiple follicles and the ovaries look healthy so maybe just need help fixing the tube or maybe insert in the egg for ovulation to skip the "tube" part?

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