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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I have hope again, in home IUI kits! More info below on what's needed!

So I recently found out information on home IUI kits and my interest was immediately piqued. So off I went in feverish research mode. Had I known about these a long time ago I would have done this years ago. The hubby and I have been TTC for 6 years with all pregnancies ending in loss in weeks 4 and 5. So here's what I found. These in home IUI kits have virtually the same in doctor office success rate over a 6 month period. In home kit at around 39% and in doctor office procedure at around 40/41%.

Now this isn't something I suggest trying unless you're either 100% familiar with your body's reproductive system etc or you have someone you know and trust who is in the medical field who is willing to help you. Hubby is a retired GP so I have the utmost faith in him for him to be able to do this for us.

I found instructions for a kit that's different from the one I purchased, but it has the basic instructions on how and what to do for both male and female parties. (If you're purchasing a different kit that does not come with the media's for sperm washing you would need to ignore the TYB portion of the instructions because you are not starting with a frozen donor specimen.
See links:


The kit I purchased below:

Now here's the difference between the two above. The first one comes with everything you need for one cycle minus the centrifuge. See link below for the one I purchased. The second one comes with simply the items you need to do the IUI, it comes with nothing in regards to the sperm washing items needed.

If you do an in home IUI you HAVE to sperm wash. If you don't you risk severe infection and possibly a collapsed uterus. The sperm washing removes the proteins that cause this, etc.

Obviously the difference in cost for the kits is huge. I went with the lower cost but decent kit because hubby is a retired doctor and can handle all the other requirements.

Ok so onto the part of what else you would need.

The first kit you would simply need the centrifuge BUT you would need to purchase more than one kit, if you do it for more than one cycle. Not the most cost effective.

If you go with the second kit, you would need the sperm wash media, special tubes and pipettes. See links below. (This is an overnight shipping required product and my cost was around 80)

For a total cost of around 275.00 you're getting everything you need for multiple cycles versus the cost of the first kit listed for only one cycle. Plus centrifuge's/autoclaves can be serious fun lol.

The only other thing is in order to purchase from IVFonline you have to have a business. You can't order for a personal purchase. They have to be able to look up and see your business information online. I have an LYNS and am a pattern designer for cross stitch, crochet, and knitting and work from home. My brick and mortar store is also attached to my home as well. They did call to confirm I was aware of what I was purchasing and to ask a couple simple questions. Other than that, signing up for an account online was a breeze. also has a fertility magazine online that's free too! See link below.

Sorry for the long winded post but I really wanted to share the info that I found and the effectiveness and cost effectiveness I researched. Typical IUI can be a couple hundred or more with insurance anyway and only for one cycle. Without insurance like myself, it can cost 1000 and more.

This is just something to think about for those of you out there that are thinking about trying IUI!

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