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Cost of injectables?

Hello, everyone. After several failed cycles on Clomid and Femara, my doctor told me it was time to move on to injections. When I inquired about the price, he said he wasn't really sure because how much I needed depended on how my body responds.

We have some money to start treatments with this summer, but I was under the impression from somewhere that our meds would be around $1,500 per cycle.

After doing more research, I'm realizing that it could be much more than that. I feel so stressed and I hate not having a concrete number.

What did you pay for your injections? Do you have insurance?

We have medical insurance, but it doesn't cover infertility. I'm feeling so anxious and ill prepared to move forward.

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Hi! I think it depends on the types of meds they want to put you on. My meds for IVF were about $3,800 and consisted of Lupron to stop ovulation, Follistim to produce eggs, and Ovidrel to force ovulation. Out of all my meds, the Lupron was the most expensive. You can find manufacturer discounts and several websites that can reduce costs. Also, don't be afraid to ask the clinic if anyone has donated meds that you may be able to take advantage of.

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