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Pregnancy Possible after Stage 4 Endo?

Looking for a bit of hope today.

Yesterday I found out the results of my lap surgery. I was shocked to learn I have stage 4 endometriosis; the OBGYN who performed the surgery was expecting mild endo and found it on everything. My ovaries are stuck to my uterus and are 'kissing'. In the pictures she showed me, you can see one tube and it's all just coiled and bunched up super tight. She could not get dye through my tubes and is recommending a more experienced surgeon perform the excision. He sounds great.. one of the leading surgeons of this type in the country and using technology only available two places here. Something called a J-Plasma laser.

I'm waiting to hear back.. I'm hoping removing the endo will clear out my tubes, but there is no way of knowing if there is endo in my tubes or not. If not, my only option will be IVF.

Anyone else have a situation with tubes blocked due to endo and had success getting pregnant without IVF after surgery?

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Edit: just reread and saw you wrote without IVF. Sorry!

The surgery dramatically improved my quality of life, but I still needed IVF. I do have a coworker who had endo surgery and then got pregnant, though. Donít lose hope, but if it doesnít happen naturally, IVF can help bypass issues caused by endo.

Good luck.

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