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How do people afford this?

Hey, all! Iím just experiencing some sticker shock. 😳 I spoke with my insurance today and if we do IUI or IVF our family planning benefits cease. Also, none of the injectables that my doctor wants me to try are covered because they are medications used to create a pregnancy. So Iím basically paying full price for everything.

How do people do this? I hate not even beginning to know how much money this will all cost! 😳 I feel helpless and out of control.

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It's not easy that's for sure. I am not in a mandated state so all my cycles have been out of pocket. Shop around for your medications, usually overseas is cheaper you just have to order a couple weeks in advance. I worked overtime for extra money or paid bills with credit cards so I had the cash (since my pharmacy doesn't accept credit cards anymore). For my IVF, I financed mine through my clinic since they are zero interest and only $9500. Some people get creative and borrow from retirement (I almost went this route), others take out loans or credit cards I have also heard of crowdfunding.

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agreed with Desire2Mom, undergoing treatment at overseas clinics is much cheaper. IVF with meds at a top clinic in Poland is EUR 2,500

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A cousin of mine raised money for both her son's adoptions. They even raised money then lost it on two other adoptions in which the mother's changed their mind.

Some ways they raised the money:
They held "murder mystery parties" like Clue.
They make bierrocks (runzas, cabbage burgers, etc) and sell them.
They have been collecting ink cartriges, cans, and scrap metal. They recycle it all and get some money back.

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I've only done two cycles and my insurance covers ultrasounds, IUI and IVF at 90% and the only thing I have out of pocket is co-pays and labwork. I still have to set aside money every month for the every-other-day visits, the medications, the "oh the doctor said not to trigger yet, he wants you to come in ONE MORE TIME for bloodwork" appointments, without that insurance coverage I couldn't do it. I would have had to open up credit cards for the sole purpose of maxing them out or saving enough money to pay out of pocket and still live.

It's a tough spot to be in especially since for a lot of us its the only way to achieve what we want more than anything else in life.

Have you looked into whether your fertility clinic or doctor has a financing program? Supplemental insurance? A credit card you can increase the limit on and pay on as you go?

I've also seen people raise the money for their treatments. I took on a second online job doing menial work, but it was enough to at least keep my credit cards from bleeding week after week. I also sold a couple of things and cut back on some things to make it work. I still can't imagine paying for it all out of pocket! Sticker shock is right!

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