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Team Davis
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Hi! Intro and ttc history

Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I was previously on another forum for many years, but it seems like no one is there any more and I'm just looking for mamas to share in this with so I don't go crazy!
I have been having troubles ttc for a while. Our first DS (7 1/2) was an oopsie (I didn't think I could get pregnant). We tried, cried and prayed for our second DS (3 1/2) for two years. And now we are trying for what will probably be our last baby.

We did ntnp for a couple years, then found I had a hydrosalpinx and needed my left tube removed. During this surgery, they removed cysts on the opposite ovary, and discovered I have endometriosis.
We have been officially been ttc this one for a year since my surgery, and recently started cd21 labs and found I'm probably not ovulating. My progesterone measured 4.
So we are trying femara, I'm trying to change my diet a bit to help with ttc, and just keeping our fingers crossed that this is what will work!

Did anyone else here have luck with femara? Or success stories with one tube? I'd love to hear them =)


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hi hun!!! i have low prog also, but my OB wont give me a RX until DH gets a sperm analysis which hes uncomfortable with, i sympathize but also don't understand why i cant get help in the meantime. another OB in my group office went behind the previous OB and let me do the BC trick tho so hoping that may work. did you have to have all the steps completed like getting sperm analysis before getting femara??

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