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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi! (intro....trigger:d&c)

Hi everyone,

In June 2016 I had a d&c for an unviable pregnancy...had mirena put in during the procedure and figured we'd wait awhile as the baby wasn't planned and more of an oops. In September 2016 we decided to take out my mirena as it was giving me issues and just see what happened. fast forward to may 2018, haven't gotten pregnant, no matter how much we track, temp, opks etc....awful. Finally went to a specialist on may 14th who tells me he can't do anything until I get my period which at that point was 2 weeks away. we are about a few days away from my period being due and I have all these pregnancy symptoms....but of course I'm probably overthinking it all. anyway thats my story haha and heres my test from smu

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Fingers crossed for you hunni. I swear I see something. I had my Mirena out and got pregnant with not even having a period. Fingers crossed and test again in a few days xx

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