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Mum (Mom)
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Hey Ladies

I知 looking for buddies to wait it out with ... the dreaded two week wait again ;/

A little bit about me, I have low egg reserve and DH low motility 0 morphology and low count so we went straight for IVF and huge success at the first try, which I知 so grateful for
Since then I致e have three fails
With lost of dietary changes were pleased DH痴 analysis has improved especially morphology and we took our chances with IUI
ivf drained us mentally physically and financially I知 praying to god this works !!

So because I知 tired of medication I went with a natural cycle, one egg and our specialist mentioned my cervix was very tight which I googled to be a factor that contributes towards infertility, I知 hoping IUI bypasses that

Anyone waiting it out? And any success stories or feedback greatly appreciated ladies

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How did it turn out? I just had my IUI yesterday. Best of luck to you!

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