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metformin, pcos and pregnancy

I just wondered is anyone on metformin for PCOS and if it worked and you have become pregnant, do you stop the metformin or carry on with it? Is it harmful to take if you are pregnant? When do you stop or do you carry on? Is it harmful if you stop?

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UK Sarah 33
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Hiya - I was on metformin (a low dose) for two weeks and then I conceived - continued to take it until I saw my GP at 6 weeks and she told me to stop taking it.

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Hello, I'm on metformin for PCOS and some doctors will tell you to stop taking it as soon as you get you , my current doctor told me to take it for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy then stop which is what I would do.

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i also have pcos and on metformin, my endocrinologist advised stopping the metformin once i became pregnant as i would no longer need it, however she did also say it wouldnt do any harm if i didnt realise straight away!! ive also read some research that recommends continuing taking metformin as it reduces the chance of miscarriage!

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Hi, I was told to come off it by GP last May when I said I was TTC - this is as it isn't licensed for pregnancy but there are studies which indicates that it helps prevent mc in PCOS women.

I got my BFP mid Nov and the mc at 7-8 weeks.

Have seen a consultant since who advised me to go back on Met and if pg again to continue to 16 weeks.

Whether you would want to continue with Met really is a decision you need to discuss with your GP ( although mine purely worked on the fact it isn't tested in pg ) - current studies show no harm to unborn baby but they don't know about long term effects.

Here is an exert from a faq on metformin from soul cysters and the link:

This is a personal decision that needs to be made in conjunction with one’s own doctor. It also helps to do lots of reading on the human studies with Met and Pregnancy.

Current studies surrounding Met are showing it as safe to a fetus, but has had few long term studies, so some are understandably hesitant to continue it during pregnancy. The most recent human studies are showing taking Met during pregnancy decreases the high miscarriage rate of PCOS women ( It is also showing a decrease in the incidence of gestational diabetes in PCOS ladies: (

Personally I will be continuing with Met given my experiences and having considered the facts I have researched but it has to be a personal decision.

Hope you get a sticky bean soon


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Thanks HB1! Very informative post....I was just diagnosed with PCOS and today is my 3rd day taking it...on 500-1000 mg daily...hoping to get to 1500 mg within a week....

our plan is metformin for 6 months and then new plan if no

this month is cycle 12 TTC and thankfully my high testosterone can be fixed with metformin and DH's swimmers are healthy in all factors

really hoping for our very very soon

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