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Mrs G
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Hi hun

I am so sorry you are going through this again.

My protocol was as follows -

Had baseline scan after 4 wks of d'regging and then started stims next day. Had scan on day 7 of stims and then again on day 11. They didn't need to change my dose of stims but would have if there had been over or under stimuation at these scans. Did trigger shot the next day, with EC the day after that. Started progesterone the day after EC, 200mg twice a day and continued these until I was 14wks pg. They then gave me a blood test 14 days post ET and a scan at 7 weeks.

This is with a good NHS clinic in UK, we chose to go to a clinic about an hour away from home as the local hospital does not have such a good reputation.

Hope this helps hun, it is so bad that things vary so much.

Thinking of you.

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Sammy - I've just done a quick Google about using Pregnyl for Luteal support instead of progesterone, and found a couple few pages which might be of interest to you:

2005 Forum
2006 Forum
2010 Forum
Explanation of difference between Porgesterone and HCG in the LP
Research paper on hcg Vs Progesterone

It seems like HCG is just as good (and in some cases better) for luteal support than progesterone, however, most clinics use progesterone! Maybe this is a cost issue?

It also seems like the doseage and frequency you took were as they should be for hcg use.

In any case, your hospital really should have been monitoring you better both before and after egg collection to check your hormone levels. Outside of IVF treatment do you have progesterone issues, and have you had you progesterone levels measured in a non-medicated cycle recently?

I hope you are able to find another/better/more communicative hospital for your FET.

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Hi Sammy

I am gutted for you.

I am under an NHS clinic in the UK doing IVF and I have been monitored the whole way through the process. I had 2 baseline scans during down reg to ensure the down reg drugs had worked. While stimming, I had 2 scans that were standard procedure to check on the number and size of follies. I also had a 3rd scan as I had to stimm for a few days longer as I didn't respond well to the drugs. If the 3rd scan had shown that I wasn't ready, I would have been given a 4th.

After the 3rd scan I was told to take trigger shot and scheduled for egg collection. I started progesterone pessaries the evening of the egg collection at 400mg (twice a day) for 16 days. If a pregnancy test is positive, we are prescribed another 6 weeks of progesterone at 200mg (twice a day).

Personally speaking, I have had a very weak positive test. So the progesterone support has been continued - and I have to keep taking them for the whole 6 weeks or AF arrives.

Good luck chick, let us know how this goes xx

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Hi Sammy,

I hope that you get progress and some better care at your next IVF attempt.

I'm from Malaysia and had my ICSI done at a private hospital which has a fertility department.

I down regulated starting early June for 5 weeks. Went in for a scan at 3.5 weeks to check on progress.

Started Gonal-F to stimulate follicles for 9 days, was scanned every 4 days. My medication was carefully decreased the last 3 days to ensure optimum production and quality as I have mild PCOS.

Egg collection wand 3rd day Egg Transfer was done perfectly. I was prescribed Cyclogest progesterone suppositories (2 x 400mg per day) from Egg Collection day until Beta Blood Test at 15 dpo. Got my BFP and continued with progesterone suppositories.

I took 2 x 400mg per day until 9w2d, then 1 x 400mg per day until 10wk.

I do wish you all the best.

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heya sweetheart x x x

i was on the long protocol last oct time, and was monitored during down regs and (if i remember rightly) every other day during stimms (after about day 4/5). I was monitored right up until EC, and as soon as they did the ET, i was on progesterone. I was advised to continue using progesterone until they tested me (even if AF showed prior). We had a BFN, but the clinic would've kept me on progesterone for 12 weeks had we have had a positive result,

I;m at a private clinic with NHS funding in Nottingham, UK,

Hope this helps hun, thinking of you x x x

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sammy, cross the border! Gent isn't that far away

i'm only on day 7, but so far i had
- the start of stimming (they make sure to start it up within the first 3days of your af starting)
for convenience it's called CD1 and they count from there.
- follow-up scan on CD7 + adjusting meds/dose
- follow-up scan on CD9 (and more if you need to)

i asked FS about the progesteron bc i noticed in my last pregnancy the levels were
on the low side, eventhough my gp then didn't seem worried about all that.
he (FS) told me that the progesteron level is one of those things they are very very strict with,
i think i'm going to get progesteron whether i need it or not, just to be safe

i can give you the info and website if you want to

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Hi Sammy,

Sorry that you're going through this. Hopefully a change in clinic will bring better results.

I went to Salisbury Fertility Centre which is NHS.
I had a baseline scan before stims and during stims, had scans on Days 8 and 11.

I was on progesterone suppositories until 16 weeks.

All the best hun. x

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