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Oh im really sorry ..

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what a f**king arsehole!!! sounds like you will be better off without him although you wont see it now.... please chat if you need to
some MEN!!!! aaarrrrgggghhhh

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Sweetie, I feel your pain, but no words will make you feel better at the moment, just remember you are a better person than he will ever be, my dh told me one nighht that it was over 18 months ago, he said he never wanted kids and had never loved me, today I am expecting and with a wonderfull man who honestly loves me, you will believe that this is your life over but trust me out there is the perfect man for you and you will look back and think why did you grieve over such a w****r as your dh, put some make up on, hold your head high, and show him just what he's loosing, keep positive xxxxx

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Oh you poor thing...Im really sorry to hear that sweety...MEN!!!!!!! They are a right pain in the butt! Please dont say things like that, you deserve much put your make up on and hold your head up high! You ARE worthy darl! hug:

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I'm so so sorry.

I know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel any better right now, but please try to remember that this is absolute rock bottom, and even though it feels like you will never feel happy ever again, I promise you 100% you will. Hang on to the fact that you will get through this, you will be happy again, you will be able to think about this one day without your heart breaking. One day you will find it hard to imagine that you were ever feeling this low.

He is behaving appallingly. If he truly has had those feelings for a long time (which to be honest, I doubt it - it sounds like he's feeling guilty for what he's doing so he's lashing out at you instead to try to blame you and make himself feel better), then he should have been talking to you from the second he started feeling like this.

Please don't wish bad things for yourself. Stay as strong as you can. You are worth a million of him. If he can walk away from his vows without even giving you a chance to work together to sort it out and save your marriage together, then he is not worth your tears.

I know I've already said it, but I promise you will get through this and smile and laugh and be happy again, even though you can't even imagine it now.

If you ever want to PM me, I'll be around to chat any time. Make sure you keep talking to people - whether it's friends, family, or girls on here. Don't be on your own.

Wishing you lots of love

Hayley xxx

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Please, please talk to someone - a friend or family member, or go for councelling if you can. Please don't go through this on your own.

Take care of yourself xxxx

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Huni I'm so so sorry u are none of those things but IMO ur DH a DICK and thats putting it midly sounds like those things describe him I know it mite noit seem it right now but in time I hope u realise that this is a good thing if he that type of person u deserve so much better!!!!!!! Just remember the more time u spend with the wrong person the less time u have with the right so please please try and realise u deserve to be with someone that is going to appreciate you for the wonderful person u are. We are all here for you


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Don't go through this on your own hun

And don't let yourself be dragged down with thoughts that this is your loss... it's HIS loss. He's been an insensitive twat, and although things seem pretty f#@king dire at the mo, things will get better, and you deserve more. Give yourself time, and please please please don't think the way you're thinking. Be the strong one in all of this. He'll get his karma

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Please dont leave us honey - we are all here for you to be shoulders to cry on and to pick you up and to make you realise how special you are.

I am so sorry.

BX x x x

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I am so sorry to hear this hunni. Stuff him, if he feels like that and can be that bloody awful to you then you desrve better. Don't ever give up hope hun there is always something waiting round the corner xxx

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