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what can i do?

hello, i'm unsure if i am posting in the right place,sorry if i am not.
i have just suffered my 2nd chemical pregnancy in 6 months!(started ttc in dec 2007)
had early m/c in may at 5+4 and its just happened again at it because my hormone levels(progesterone)are too low that i cannot sustain these pregnancies?i am thinking of giving it one more chance as i cannot go on for much longer suffering these disappointments!i already have 4 children,had a m/c in 1996 too but conceived my 3rd child a month after that and she is healthy.
i am 37 my oh is 44.
my children are 16,14,11 and 3
i do not smoke or drink,and my oh smokes(does not intend giving up!)and does not drink.
i only want one more and i will be happy and complete,but if its not meant to be then i am grateful for what i already have.
i am at the doctors tomorrow and wondered if there is anything specific i should ask about?
any sugggestions gratefully welcomed........

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Sorry can't help hun just wanted to send and say good luck.


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Hey Tink

So sorry about your chemical hun.
Depending on when the pregnancies are ending depends on your progesterone levels.
I had 1 at the beginning of the year.
My Dr at the time said after the first one that it was just 'natures way'...... helpful. What she did say was that if you are getting a positive OPK at around 4weeks pregnant and then your period starts before 6 weeks it could be progesterone linked or it could be something else.
Not much help i know, but definitely ask your doc and hopefully they can put your mind at ease x

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Hi Tink. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I have not personally had experiences with MC as my problem is getting pg in the first place. I would just make sure that they don't brush you off since you have 4 kids already. I hope they give you some answers.

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Tink i had CD21 bloods done to test my progesterone levels - ask for that. Good luck and so sorry that this has happened again! xx

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Don't know any answers for you - Sorry

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Really not sure how to advise you, I have had 1 chemical pregnancy and the whole ttc journey is now 12 months so going back to the docs next week. Hope it goes ok at the docs.

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