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Need advice on IVF!


I'm just trying to find out a bit more about what's going on with me right now.

My husband and I have just been told we need to have ivf for us to be able to have a baby.

I was only being seen as I've been having trouble getting my cycles back after the dredded depo injection. But they've since tested hubby and his sperm count and mobility were way below average so wont help me because of his problems.

They've said i need to be referred for ivf to stand a chance.

Any advice is greatfully recieved!


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Hi hun

DH and I are going for IVF too. We have unexplained infertility, which is very frustrating. I found out lots of information through the internet before I made a move to see a specialist, and then it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to go have the tests done. We are now at the mercy of the NHS - I phoned this afternoon, and initially was told that I wasn't on the waiting list - then told 'oh sorry you are on the list' - Er? Hello?? You sent me a letter to say I was on the waiting list!! (d'oh!!)

So to cut a long story short we have to wait between 12 - 13 months for NHS treatment or 8 - 9 months if we want to pay for the spare hospital slots. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled at the thought of such a long wait. My advice would be to get yourself on the waiting list, you can always pull out at a later date. Don't waste too much time thinking through your options - the lists seem to be getting longer (certainly they are in NI anyway) - and the last thing you want is to make that decision to go ahead with IVF and then find you're waiting ages for it.

Hope that makes sense hun. And good luck with whatever decision you make.

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As Maz says u want to get on the list asap, as for other advice happy to help in anyway I can what would u like to know (We just had first failed IVF/ICSI Cycle was private tho just waiting for round 2!)


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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know thay many clinics offer an open evening once a month. This gives you a chance to have a look round a clinic, meet staff and they usually do a little presentation.

It's quite a general meeting, they do not talk to you specifically about your issues but they do give you great information books that answers plenty of questions about IVF.

The clinic I go to in Bristol offers these once a month and every class is full so take a look on a few clinic websites to see if they offer it and book in early.

Good luck with your journey! xx

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What info exactly were you after hun?

This is the website of the clinic that we go to and I find their information to be very straight forward, it might answer your questions, but remember things vary from clinic to clinic.

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