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Best friend from school Pregnant - aaagh!

Sorry ladies, this will be a rant!

Had a call this evening from my best friend from school who has announced she is 20 weeks pregnant and due in December. Since TTC I've had loads of other people getting pregnant and having babies and I've been absolutely fine about it but this one has really hit me hard and hurt. The thing that has upset me is that she lied to my face.

I met up with her for lunch 2 months ago and at the time I was convinced she was going to tell me that she was pregnant (we live about 100 miles apart so don't see each other that often) so I was prepared for it. On the day I asked her outright and she said she wasn't and that they weren't really trying they were just going to see what happened. I told her everything we were going through and she still didn't say a word. She has now told me that there have been a couple of minor complications and thats why she hasn't announced it until now. I can understand that but we have been friends for 15 years. Why couldn't she have trusted me? She would have been 12 weeks when we met up and I just feel so hurt that she couldn't have told me.

I have always say that when (if?) the time comes I won't lie to people about it. There are ways of avoiding people if you really don't want to tell them so I don't understand why she was the one that instigated the meeting and STILL didn't say anything.

I'm probably being ridiculous but I just want to sink to the bottom of my bottle of wine.

Thanks for listening...

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I can understand how you feel. As much as people don't want everyone to know before they're past any problems, I can see why you'd be upset if she completely lied about it, especially as she was 12 weeks and you were talking about what you were going through.

I didn't want to tell anyone except family and a couple of close friends before I got to 12 weeks, but if a good friend had asked me I wouldn't have lied (would have said that I wasn't officially telling people yet and trusted them not to say anything). If something had gone wrong I would have wanted support from friends and family anyway x

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Maybe her and her hubby agreed not to tell anyone at all and that maybe if she told you she would have felt she was breaking this agreement

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