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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Money saving tips for those TTC!

OK, so here is something I learned, anyone else got any tips???

I was ordering a bunch of vitamins form 'Puritan's Pride', in the US, and learned this!

To get 40% off:
Go to FIRST, put in what you are looking for, skim to the bottom and click on the link for 'Puritan's Pride', which will take you right to your product.

By doing it that way I got 40% off almost everything I ordered, going strait through the site I did not! I called to ask them about this when I saw I was not getting 40% off some items and they said the 40% off was ONLY though Amazon. So, you have to do it for each individual thing you order. Time consuming but well worth it! And, very glad I realized before I ordered!

I know some of you are on "CoQ10", they were having a very good sale, 5 for the price of 2! (Or, buy 2 get 5!)

There were also sites online with free codes for free shipping!

Good luck, Ladies, I hope this is helpful!

Anyone else got any money saving tips????

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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thanks so much for the info!!

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