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Appointment made...

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new on this site and have only posted once in the TTC section when AF arrived last month (big disappointment as really believed this was my month after experiencing lots of 'imaginary' symptoms!)

Well we started TTC in December 2009 and so far nothing has happened. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in January 2010 after having palpitations, shaking, etc. Got advised to wait for a few months before trying again in order to give my thyroid time to regulate. Was given PTU which I've heard mixed things about - some people say it's not safe in pregnancy, others say it's OK.

In October I went for my thyroid tests and all came back normal so am pretty much off the medication altogether now. I suppose I thought that the medication was maybe stopping me conceiving but still nothing and I'm keen to get me & DH tested to make sure there isn't any other problems.

Have a short cycle (23 days on average) and have dabbled with OPK's in the past and they seem to imply that I'm ovulating but I'm sick and tired of guessing and just want to be told that everything's going to be OK (or to be told that there is a problem that can be fixed!) I seem to do nothing but research this stuff on the internet and the information can be overwhelming!

So have an appointment at GP for me & DH next week and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect as have no idea what the process is!

Thanks everyone, really love this site as sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only one going through this! xxx

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Hi Babylady,

My husband and I had our first GP appointment last week. He went through both our medical histories and asked some questions about our sexual health and my cycle. We were given forms for DH to have his semen analyis done and me to have various blood tests, Day 3 FSH and LH, Day 21 Progesterone, rubella, prolactin and a full blood count. I have also got to have a high vaginal swab and a chlamydia test. I think these are standard for the NHS if you are in the UK. Once they come back, depending on the results you will probably be referred to a fertility specialist at your local hospital.

Good luck xx

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hi welcome & good luck on your ttc journey.

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