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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I am new to this and just wanted some help on how long the testing takes.

Me and my hubby have been ttc for over a year now but i have been off the pill for 2 and half years but activly trying for a year.
I have been to the doctors who have done blood tests on me and a sperm test on my hubby. It has come back that i have a slighty under active thyroid but i have to be tested again in a month to confirm that it is not a blip. The doctor has refered me to the hospital for more testing which i had my appointment today.
The Dr at the hospital has sent me for more blood tests and advised that i need to have my hsg test and to go back to her in 2 months for the results.
Does anyone know what happens if all the tests come back with no problems?
Also if we do have to have IVF does anyone know how long the wait list is?
We are hoping to move to Aus this year as hubby is a aus citizen but dont want to move if it may cost us getting confused as i need to arrange my visa which takes 6 months but will only last for a year!
Thanks for all your help in advice. Kate x

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Hi weve been trying for almost 2 years all tests so far have been normal for me HSG etc, my hubby's sperm is slightly reduced motility but the doector said many men are able to conceive at the level he has. Anyway we go back in March and were told IVF would be the only option. I would really try everything before this. But Im not getting any younger just turned 34 and I feel time is running out for us.

I think IVF waits vary across the country, I assume your from the UK. I live in Edinburgh and if we qualified for IVF on the NHS it is 3 year wait!. So we would pay and go either totally private or pay to get it quicker on the NHS. It might be worth saying where your local hospital/NHS trust is and someone might have an idea anout the wait time in your area.

Our doctor said on the NHS they wouldnt consider IVF unless we had tried unsuccessfully for two years (thats if there is no significant reason why I cant get pregnant). Hope that helps.

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