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How long did everyone wait to go to a doctor and do you wish you went sooner?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 12 unsuccessful months now. We're moving onto to lucky #13 (I hope).

My husband thinks we should continue to try on our own for a little while longer since the idea of doctors and testing and medical procedures isn't appealing to him. I'm the internet junkie, so do know most of the poking and prodding would be directed at me instead of him...his testing would be somewhat easier, but, I have to say I do somewhat understand his reluctance to go to the doctor.

Yes, I really want a baby and hope there is something a doctor can do to help, but I have to say I'm terrified of bad news and the possibility of the doctor telling us it can't happen for us. I don't know if I'd want to know that or if I'd rather go on with some hope that it might happen. I know after trying for a year, our chances of conceiving on our own are lower and do hope there is some hope and help for us - it's silly to say but I'm scared about the whole process.

So, based on my fears I'm inclined to go along with my husband and to try for a few more months on our own, but if we're still in the same situation a few months down the road, I know it would be better to go now. I'm getting closer and closer to 35 so I guess the sooner the better.

Sorry for the long winded question - but when did you seek medical advice. Do you think you waited too long, went too soon or just the right time?

Thanks for your input!

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I went really early - I went on my own at first. But I knew Id have problems right after I stopped the pill.

Basically I didn't get a period for 4 months after stopping the Pill and went to see my GP after 3 months. So although we were ttc already it was missing af that was my main concern.

Then when in 8 months since stopping the Pill I only had 2 proper periods I went back to the GP and then asked to be referred to the specialist. But again it wasn't a proper fertility related appointment and my DH wasn't involved at all.
This is when I had all the blood tests, a lap&dye and started the Metformin and a bit later the Clomid.
DH and I actually went to the GP with infertility about 15 months after I stopped the Pill.
And then we were referred to a proper reproductive health speacialist.

I am really glad I started the process so early on....I absolutely hate waiting and the only thing that kept me sane were the doctor's appointments - it's as if they took my mind off ttc and I had another thing to concentrate on

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I went for a preconception check a couple of weeks after I got married.
I wanted to make sure that I am fine since my family has history of PCOS (although doc said it is not hereditary). Hubby also went to have a check of his spermies as per my request, although I knew he was reluctant because he didn't think we need to worry about having problems TTC. He said he read that usually a couple should consider getting checked when they have been TTC for 2 years. I told him I can't wait 2 years because what if there's a problem?

So my test results were clear and my hubby said his doctor said his results are ok. However, after 10 months of TTC, we were still not pregnant so we consulted another doctor and that's when we discovered that my hubby had low sperm count and morphology, it was there all along on his test results but since it was too technical, we didn't bother to check the meaning of the terminologies and we just relied on what his doctor said that his results were "ok". Apparently, it's not ok! *sigh*

Anyways, my point is, it's never too early to have a test. It will give you a peace of mind if nothing's wrong and if there is, then at least you can get treatment as soon as possible

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I am ttc after loss.. and think the stress of my stillborn son is having an effect on my fertility.. However with regards to your Q... I went to get bloods checked about 8 months after TTC and then went back again as I have been having a short LP. Doc referred me to fertility specialst straight away and appoint is in March. So by then we will have been TTC for a year.
Go yourself at first they can check your bloods, check you down below area, see whats going on.. Think the OH been seen isnt' always necessary straight away..xxxx

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If you want to get an sa done at any point get it done with a fertility clinic as nhs are not v good and the clinics do it straight away.some nhs hospitals leave it around for awhile.and never ask a doc about results as they dont have a clue when it comes to fertility stuff

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We waited until our 15th cycle before going to our GP. I kept chickening out of booking the appointment earlier. We had the first parts of our tests today, DH's SA and my day 21, full blood count and rubella. I wish we had gone at 12 months and not "wasted" three cycles.

Don't feel silly about being scared. I am too. I keep remembering that if there is something worng, the sooner we find out about it, the sooner we can work on putting it right. Our GP was very reassuring and told us that the vast majority of those who seek help will conceive in time.

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i would also suggest get to GP's sooner rather than later - I went to see GP in July and had 21 day bloods done on two consecuative months - results were not great so in sptember i was referred to f.s. - my appointment has just came through for feb! at last! but a long 6 month wait! the way things are going in the NHS waits are only gonna get longer - so my advice.... get ur skates on!


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Agree with everyone else, the sooner the better!

I persuaded dh to get a test done after about 8 months, the NHS here won't test women til after 2 yrs but will do men sooner (it's cheaper..!) When we found out there was a problem, we then paid for a private consulatation which speeded things up no end! I was pregnant after our first treatment by the time we would have only just have been seen if we had waited for NHS appointments!

You do what you need to do and like Maria said it gives you something to focus on.

Good luck hun


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i really really regret not going sooner. months drag on. better to go sooner! you are still ttc and bd even if you go to the doctor! just see what they suggest xxx

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We went at about 11 months. I agree with everyone Canagirl go and see you Dr because the months start slipping on and you may just need a case of the evil eye (sometimes when the pressure if off it helps) as soon as we spoke to Dr I got a BFP (unfortunately lost at 6 1/2 weeks).
Go to see about it yourself at first if he is not keen. If your DH is anything like mine some prompting may be required and he needed to get his head round it, but once he knew what he had to do he was okay! I have had my 21 days bloods done in Oct 2010 and that was fine. DH is due to hand in a second sample at the end of week (1st inconclusive) so you can see how long it has taken to get to this point.

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