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anyone on a combination of metformin and clomid ? i was ttc for 6 years then fell pg naturally with dd , unfortunately she was born prematurely and died aged 4 and a half weeks old from a hospital infection .have been ttc since then for 17 months . was diognosed with pcos in may and was put on 50mg of clomid . i took this for 2 months and blood tests showed it wasnt working so my gyno has kept me on this clomid dose and also put me on 500mg metformin .

anyone else in the same situation or have been before and fallen pg on these tablets ?

love jaie x x x

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Sorry hun I have no experience with this, I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss and wish you all the best with TTC and getting a speedy BFP!! xx

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From what i've looked into they sometimes prescribe metformin and clomid for PCOS who are "overweight"
I use that "" cos they all seem to have different definitions of whats overweight...
My consultant won't give me clomid until i've lost weight.
So i asked if he'd do the combination for me, and he won't... so i'm changing consultant! lol!!

I don't know why they do it as a combination, but it helps having both apparantly!

Sorry thats kind of random and doesn't really make sense!!


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Hi Jaie,
Firstly im so sorry for your loss,
Im currently on met and clomid i found out last friday that i ovulated off 50mg so im very happy at the moment unfortunatly due to a loss in the family i was staying with my mum so Dh and i didnt get much bding done this month my fs said i 0ed late and we didnt bd til 19th day so im hoping i may still have a chance im on cd 29 today but not hopeful....
Im hoping next month will be my month (fingers crossed) i have been ttc naturally for over 5 years so im hoping its my turn in the next couple of months. Clomid is supposed to work better with met so hang in there that might be all you need ! Will he put the dose up if unsuccessful?
Good Luck with it all i hope you get you miracle baby real soon
Best Wishes

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Hi ya,
Am on clomid 100mg plus Metformin..and it definitely brought down my weight li'l bit and made my cycle a bit regular.I also O'ed regularly for the past 3 months of using it,though it dint get fertilized for the past 2 months..hoping to get BFP this month atleast!!!All the best for you

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hi im on metformin because i have diabites so met formin brings insulin levals down woman with pcos allso produce high levals of insulin which causes a waight problem so hopfull it should work for all of us fingers and toes crossed

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Wow this is an old post!

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I've been on Met for years for PCOS and was given Clomid a few weeks ago
I started round one on sunday clomid cd2 - 6 at 50mg's and 3 x 850mgs of Met which hasnt changed since i first started taking it

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hi im michelle im 18 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby i lost 3 stone without any help fom metformin as i have very bad pcos i had been given a perscription for metformin but was pregnant before i started taking it!!! so far so good with the pregnancy so anyone with pcos dont give up hope!!!! just keep trying lol

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I had surgery to drain my PCO's two weeks ago today. When I go back to the doctor I'm going to ask if I can try metformin. I'm overweight, so I'm also doing weight watchers, I've lost 8.4 lbs in the past month! I figure if I lose an average of 2 lbs a week, that's 104 lbs in a year!

Michelle- I just want to say it's people like you, who have concieved with PCOS, that keep my hopes up! Thanks!

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