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High AMH levels

I am 27 years old and my doctor told me I have elevated AMH levels at 8.4. She said normal was between 1-6.9 and that with my elevated levels I would likely have difficulty getting pregnant and that it is a precursor to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Does anyone have any insight to this?


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Are you sure it is not FH rather than AMH? You do want your AMH to be high, but your FH to be the same than fsh. If FH is higher than fsh, it can be an indication of pos.

Thanks for bringing this thread back up, I am deducting that millymolly fell pregnant and gave birth since she posted. Very encouraging!

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Hi ladies, I was thinking the same as FBbaby. A normal AMH can be anything between 5 and 15. Mine is 15.8 and is only just outside the normal band. It being high is not an indication of PCOS. As I have no probs at all.

As FBbaby says you want your AMH to be high since it measures your ovarian reserve. It gives them an indication of how well you will respond to treatment and therefore which protocol to use. I think it is more likely to be your FH too. Good luck

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yep i agree. MY amh is 4.4 which is low. So you AMH for yor age is brilliant!! i notice you are in the uk so the neasurement is the same as mine

I would be really pleased at both your fsh and amh!!

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I'm 25 and got an AMH of 21.51

I was classed as satisfactory in that grouping which was between 15.6-28.6 so slap bang in the middle.

I thought I might be higher what with me age and all but all is well so I'm happy about that!

Hope this helps with the banding.

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I just got my AMH results which Im a little concerened about at 20 years old my result was 19.03 which is in the low end of satisfactory!

Very low/undetectable = 0.0pmol/L - 2.2 pmlo/L
Low fertility =2.2 pmlo/L - 15.7pmol/L
Satisfactory =15.7 pmol/L - 28.6 pmol/L
Optimal fertility =28.6 pmol/L - 48.5 pmol/L
High level = > 48.5 pmol/L

I got this info from leaflet my consultant gave me. I was hoping for higher than 19.3 given my age :S

Hope this helps other women.

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Hi Kat89 I too got a satisfactory reading (about middle of the range) and was surprised. I'm 25. However I was told that they're not sure how accurate it is on younger women and its really more for the older lady who may need to know about things such as menopause etc.

I got 21.51 which is similar to you. We've still go plenty in there and its good we're not really high as this can suggest PCSO so I'm glad


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Yes, I have had the AMH test and my level was 10. I am currently 29 years old and it cause for concern for my FS because for my age it should be MUCH higher. Unfortunately as I am 'obese' IVF clinics won't touch us so we have to try naturally *sigh*

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hi everyone!

i found this online.... hope it helps.

AMH Reference ranges


AMH levels do not change significantly throughout the menstrual cycle and decrease with age. Healthy women, below 38 years old, with normal follicular
status at day 3 of the menstrual cycle, have AMH levels of 2.0 – 6.8 ng/ml (14.28 – 48.55 pmol/L). High levels are found in patients with PCOD.

Ovarian Fertility Potential pmol/L ng/mL

Optimal Fertility 28.6 - 48.5 4.0 - 6.8
Satisfactory Fertility 15.7 - 28.6 2.2 - 4.0
Low Fertility 2.2 - 15.7 0.3 - 2.2
Very Low / undetectable 0.0 - 2.2 0.0 - 0.3
High Level > 48.5 >6.8

AMH levels do not vary with the menstrual cycle and can be measured independently of the day of the menstrual cycle.

AMH can be used for:

1. Evaluating Fertility Potential and ovarian response in IVF – Serum AMH levels correlate with the number of early antral follicles. This makes is useful for prediciting your ovarian response in an IVF cycle. Women with low AMH levels are more likely to be poor ovarian responders.

2. Measuring Ovarian Aging – Diminished ovarian reserve, is signaled by reduced baseline serum AMH concentrations. Women with poor ovarian reserve who have entered the oopause have low levels of AMH. However, this is a new test, and is still not easily available.

AMH versus FSH

The old standard for ovarian reserve testing was the Day 3 FSH level.

However, the FSH level is not as reliable as the AMH level for 3 reasons.

1. The FSH level varies according to the cycle dates

2. It depends upon the estradiol level ( a high estradiol level will artificially suppress a high abnormal FSH level into the normal range)

3. It varies from cycle to cycle, so is not always reliable or dependable

An AMH level is a much better marker for ovarian reserve. It is much more stable than the FSH level and does not vary from cycle to cycle. Even better, it can be measured on any day of the cycle ! This is why most infertility specialists today use AMH to check ovarian reserve, rather than the old FSH level.

One confusing thing about AMH is that there are at least 2 scales out there and innumerable clinic definitions of what is "normal" - it depends on which assay they use and which study! One scale is ng/ml and one is pmol/l. The pmol/l scale runs from 0 to about 48; the ng/ml runs from about 0-10. On the ng/ml scale , less than 2 ng/ml is considered to be low.

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Bumping this'll thread s I found it very useful!

I have pcos and amh levels of 45.8 not that clued up on amh, does this mean I'll have poor egg quality? My fs states my levels are raised. I'm 26 x

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