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Lap and Dye- Cysts found

Has anyone had experience of the following?

I'm 33 and still trying to get pregnant. I've just had a lap and dye to check all is in order and to try to find out why I havent concieved for over a year. My consultant gave me some feedback after the procedure. My tubes and ovarian function were good. He found 2 cysts (1 2CM & 1 4CM) on both of my ovaries. He did not suggest these were polycystic rather dermoid cysts or even endommetriotic. He said that during the procedure he drained the cysts but I have to have a scan in 3 weeks to see if they have come back, if so then I will have to have them removed. He did not prescribe me clomid or any other drug as he said that everything else was in order.

He did say that as these cysts were on both my ovaries these would have prevented me from getting pregnant. Does anyone agree with this or had similar experience????

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I had 10cm and 5cm dermoid cysts removed from both ovaries last month and to be honest, different doctors seem to say different things. I've been told, yes this will probably have been the reason and also no, dermoid cysts don't affect fertility. So I am not sure that they know really. This is my first proper cycle since the operation so if I get my BFP then we'll know!! But I have also been referred to an FS now so maybe they will have the answer. Good luck!

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