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Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! My DH has to have his spermies checked out for the first time this month. When I broke the news to him, he said he felt sick to his stomach and was so nervous. He said he would get over it just makes him feel weird. I dont blame him though. My doc told me to make sure we get it to the lab within 30 minutes. We dont live too far away..but we will def be cutting it close. Never thought of keeping it warm tho. Ill make sure he keeps it close to his own body temp. Thanks!

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Mt DH had this week had major stage fright!! took him ages to do a sample, I had to go out in the end apparently was making it worse!! did feel sorry for him, suppose we get practice from our first smear in being "violated" lol bless them, they have a completely different standadr of humiliation !!!

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