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Mum (Mom)
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Hello ladies, just wondered if many of you took your tablets at NIGHT??? I started my first round of Clomid in April this year and IT Worked!!!!
Got my BFP first month on the drug, still in shock and today i'm 36+3!
I toke it at night of a few other ladies on here, and from my consultant, i can honestly say that i wasnt emotional or hormonal! However not sure if that was due to the fact i completely stopped drinking Coffee, and only had water and juice. I tried to rid my body of chemicals whilst on Clomid as i had read it worked better! And it did.

Book i consulted was

Found it a fantastic read. Only had it 2weeks before we started clomid. So not 199% sure if BFP was a result of

Clomid and actions taken from book, but either way the book was great and so was Clomid.

All the very best to you girlies and i hope you all have your BFP's very soon

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Mum (Mom)
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Congratulations!! Thanks for the information! I'll def look the book up!! Wish you all the best!!

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