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I knew at 18 that the only way I could have children would be via ivf. I was offered it twice on the nhs when younger but declined the offer as I knew I was not with the right man. I resigned myself to a life alone and childless. I met my dh four years ago and one of the first things he said to me was "Are you a natural blonde? Your going to have my children!"

It was great to be able to tell him straight away that I could not have children as in the past ive always struggled with when to tell a new bloke this. To soon and it seems pushy, to far in and I feel im being dishonest.

We went for all the tests together and was surprised to be told that he also had a problem, he had a low sperm count so now we had to have icsi. This was upsetting for him but we went ahead regardless. Our first try led to a chem preg. Our second try was a bfn and our third try was another chem. By this time I had had enough and decided to change clinic.

Before we saw our consultant I had loads of blood tests at bupa and took him in all the results as well as my own opinionated views on what I needed to make this round if icsi work! Our previous clinic only did two day transfers which really annoyed me but at the new clinic they did three and five day transfers!!! At last we were getting somewhere.

Well, here we are 5 months later and im pregnant with twin girls. We never believed it would happen and are on

I used to read the posts of other women who had successful ivf and used to think it would never be my turn. Now im finally pregnant it seems so surreal. Its taken us two years of icsi to get here and I cant believe im married and going to become a mum.

To everyone still waiting for that keep trying, never give up hope. xxx

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We have been ttc for our 3rd living child since October 2007. I got a bfp in December on our 2nd cycle only to have a placental abruption at 21 weeks. Our son was stillborn in April.

I had bloods done which came back normal and we were given the go ahead to ttc again in May. I got a bfp on cycle 2 again which I m/c at 4+5. Then cycle 7 I got another bfp which I also m/c at 4+5. I have just been referred back to the consultant who dealt with our stillbirth for tests to see if there's a reson for it happening. Hopefully 2009 will be a lucky year for us all

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Ok here's our story. I have 3 children from my first marriage (ages, 20 dd, 17 dd, 16 ds) I had my tubes tied in 1999 as I thought I was done. I met my dh in 2000 and we got married in 2001. He doesn't have any children. We discussed having my tubes reversed and trying to have a child together. We talked back and forth about it and saved money (as insurance doesn't cover it) and finally in April of last year we did it! we had the tubal reversal. The doctor told me that we shouldnt have any problems conceiving. Long story short, after a very hard year {(son critically injured and losing my father suddenly) we finally got our first on Feb 15th! We were over the moon! But sadly that pregnancy was lost at 6 weeks 5 days. Then we got our 2nd on June 24th! That one was lost too at 5 weeks 4 days. During all this we changed doctors. I was told that I may have a progesterone deficency and when I get pregnant again, to call and they woulod put me on progesterone. I got surprise in October.... on cd 8 I felt very sick to my stomach, so I said what the hell, why not test! So I did and a wow! I dont' know how far along I was, but I lost that one too. So after arguing with the new doctor, I changed again. I went to another doctor in november and I love him! He did a dnc on nov 14th and I went for a follow up on Dec 11th and we were put on Clomid. I asked for it because I am not getting any younger and he was like ok.... do you want twins or tripletts? I love him! So I started Clomid on cd 5 thru 9. So that is my story up to present. Sorry it is so long. I hope all of our stories end very soon with a precious baby! Good luck girls!

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Hello all

Well, DH & I married in Aug 03 & decided in Sept to start ttc, came off the pill in Sept & began in Oct. After a year of nothing we went to our GP & the tests began! Had everything done, but no problems found & given the title of 'unexplained infertility'. However, in Aug 05 I got a BFP, (still don't know what I did differently, but we we sooooo happy ...but 11 wks later I got pains & started bleeding lightly & had a mmc (baby had died at 6-7 wks). Had D&C 12 days later. We kept ttc but nothing, so went to a private clinic for IUI. Had 3 attempts, but all That was all in 2006. In 2007 we moved to Spain, as wanted a more relaxed lifestyle. Started IVF in Spain & 1st attempt in July 07 got us a so pleased & surprised, but again all lost at our 10 wk scan, another mmc & D&C, (baby had died at same time as earlier one). Had all the tests for recurrent mc , but it showed nothing was wrong & that our baby would've been a girl & was normal. 2nd IVF in May this yr & . Now on 3rd IVF & awaiting result in 3 days, but not feeling hopeful.

Good luck to everyone
Love Jayne x

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Hey guys

Well started TTC Oct 2007 when we got married. We went on honeymoon 4 months after the wedding for 6 weeks and i figured being away from it all and copious amounts of would be a recipie for success. Month after we got back i got a bfp quite early but 5 days after the evil showed up.

I felt really knocked for 6 and a few months after that DH and i read an article about meds he was on that can cause problems with sperm and abnormalities in unborn babies. So off we went to see the GP and had the usual tests. My results were okay but DH had very low sperm count. Pills and potions and a re-test later and there was no improvement so we got referred to the FS.

FS nurse told us that ICSI would be our only option but consultant would confirm it in Feb. My HSG/Scan was all good and DH is doing his 3rd SA next week.

On a positive note we should have ICSI within 6 months as no wait at our PCT. I've also changed jobs - still working as a police officer but now i'm working in sexual offences instead of child protection. I found it too hard dealing with the scum of the earth who couldn't care about their kids when all i wanted was one.

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I have been TTCing since May 2007, I'm 29 and DH is 32 and we have been married 4 1/2 years. We were planning on starting to TTC about a year after we had got married but put it off as I wanted my health to improve, I wanted to achieve something career wise for myself and we wanted to get our finances sorted. After about 10 months of TTC I went to my GP as my cycles we generally around 40 days long so I suspected that I wasn't ovulating and in my gut I knew something wasn't right. Also following surgery for a bad smear test I had had an infection so I was concerned that this had done some damage so I wanted to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Blood tests showed I wasn't ovulating, DH's SA is great - loads of little spermies as he has quite a high count so he was very pleased with himself!!! Had my first FS appointment May 2008 where I was given 4 months of clomid, scans and HCG shot. 2 of these cycles gave me chemical pregnancies and my response to the clomid improved each cycle. Had a follow up appointment in November where it was decided I was to have a lap and dye. Had this on the 18 December which showed no endo, no abrasions and my tubes are clear so I have a weight off my mind as I now know that the infection last year definately did no damage. So at the moment I have been ovulating by myself since the clomid cycles so I have my hopes high for a though I am trying to not get as caught up in TTCing anymore so I don't get so upset. I have my next appointment with the FS on the 9 February where I reckon they are going to recommend IUI but I am going to see if I get another couple of cycles of clomid but at a higher doseage and no jabs.

Good luck everyone and I hope 2009 is the year of for all us LTTCer's

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