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Fallopian Dye Test?

Hi ladies, I'm not sure if I belong in LTTC, but I am hoping some of you might have some insight here. DH and I have been ntnp/ttc for one year now, with no luck. I am 24 and he is 37. I have regular periods and no known issues except possible luteal phase defect (haven't had tests to diagnose it, but doctor did give me progesterone supplements and I've been on them for three months). Had CD 3 blood work done this cycle and everything looks good. I called to day to ask my doctor what the next step should be, and she has ordered semen analysis for dh and a dye test for my fallopian tubes. Does anyone know if this is the appropriate next step? I was hoping for CD 21 blood work to check ovulation. Does anyone have any advice? Or experience with the fallopian dye test? Thk you!

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Hello - I posted about this earlier as I had the HSG today, which is where they run dye through your fallopian tubes to check for blockages. This seems to be the next step, as I had all the blood work done, then the HSG. They have also done an ultrasound and an internal scan today as well. Everything came back normal and as I said in my last post the HSG is nothing to be scared of (I was really worried about it), it is just like a smear, lasts about 5 minutes and the only dicomfort I felt was period type cramping, which was fine. I'd go for it if you have been offered it, especially after 12 months. They offered it to me after 18 months, its good to do all of these tests for a peace of mind if anything or if they do find anything at least you are not wasting any more time and can start working on any problems.

Good luck and hope you get you BFP soon xx

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I had CD3 and CD21 blood tests done prior to my HSG, but I don't think it's necessary to do all of that before the HSG. Like the other person said, I'd take the HSG if they offer it. And maybe ask about CD21 progesterone test....which 2 of my doctors (one ob/gyn and one RE) told me weren't all that accurate. But a third doctor thinks they are accurate...I've found there are a lot of different opinions out there!

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HSG is needed. I had a lap instead (lap & dye) it showed a tiny amount of endo as well as a blocked tube. Hope all is clear for you xx

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