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Questions for consultant


Not sure where to post this and tell me to post elsewhere!

My male doctor has referred me to a consultant for a 'consultant opinion' - he wont refer me to a gynacologist until I have another m/c This is the best that he can do for me and says that he/she will not tell me anything new/different that he has not already told me

I want to be very prepared but wanted some opinions on what I should be asking him/her.


Age - 37
Children - 0
Miscarriages - 2 - one (completed) in January 2008 - 9 weeks, one (missed) in November 2008 - 12 weeks

The only one i have thought about is what are the statistics for having a live birth/another m/c.

I have an appointment with my lovely lady doctor in January to see if she can help me further. It does feel like I am playing the doctors a bit but anything is worth a try.

Thanks xxx

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Hi hun,

I've had a stillbirth and 2 m/c's this year. I saw a doctor whilst I was having my last m/c and he said he wouldn't reffer me unless I had another 2 m/c's. I decided I couldn't cope with that so I went to see a lady doctor who reffered me straight away for testing.

I would ask for blood tests to find out wether you have sticky blood. I was told after we lost Beau that I didn't although I will probably be tested again. Are you taking aspirin? I'm going to ask this when I go as I've heard it can help a lot.

Basically, get them to do whatever they can. I feel like I've spent the last month moaning to doctors but sometimes it's the only thing that will help. I'm praying you get your sticky bfp in 2009

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