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Personally, after my DH took over 10 different supplements a day for 3 months, his second SA was no better than the first one. His only problem on the first had been his morph which was 4% and stayed pretty much the same at 3% on the second one. That said, I did get pregnant about a couple weeks after he stopped taking the supplements after the SA showed no improvement, so maybe they do something to the DNA integrity that isn't shown on an SA analysis???

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my hubby had a count of 1 million in september he took wellman conception and had another SA in feb and its still exactly the same,but other people have had good results.

my hubby is 26 slim and healthy, doesnt smoke, doesnt drink that much and still has a extremely low count.

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Ladies, you must realize that a semen analysis is just a snapshot of his sperm health three months ago. Imagine a production pipeline, which takes three months from start to finish.
It is late August now, so the sperm he will ejaculate has been in production since late May. Now, if he has eaten really healthy food, not had any heat, (physical) trauma or stress exposure, kept his cellphone’s Bluetooth off, not smoked and drunk alcohol and not taken other medication, only then he is likely to have his ideal SA readings.

1. If - in early June - he had exposure to heat (e.g. sauna, a hot laptop or car seat heating), or a trauma such as a kick in the jewels (if he plays any sort of impact sport), a massive chunk of the "batch in production” would be damaged. That means his SA readings in early September would be poor. Doctors also say “suboptimal”.

2. Now, even if he has been a good boy and done everything he can to look after his boys since then (early June), he will still have bad SA readings until mid-September, i.e. three months later when his SA reading will pick up again.
The gist is that these are two different readings, which will happen in the future, but they have been caused by events in the past.

3. Finally, if he had a trauma today, but you are planning to have BMS tomorrow, he may be ok, because the boys he will ejaculate had already been finished and they cannot be compromised during production any more.

My point is that you have to permanently pay close attention to his lifestyle with a view to the future in three months time, because the semen analysis readings may be huge different. My DH had three SAs and he oscillated from 80million/ml to 21million/ml to 130million/ml in the space of six months. His motility (A+B forward progression) was only at about 30% and his morphology/normal forms at 8%, but with such a high count he still had (simple math) about 3million top quality swimmers per ml. So we got there in the end.

My first pregnancy was pure luck, but the second time we really struggled until we got the formula right: no exposure to bluetooth radiation (you know what to do, its got about 10m range), no traumas, no drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and lastly, and perhaps most importantly (1) lots of BMS around the day of ovulation (buy an ovulation monitor and start 12h after the LH surge and have BMS every 12h until 48h after ovulation) and (2) constantly eat foods, which include the building blocks nutrients for sperm cells. Here is a great reference guide of what you need to shoot for

In practise that meant sourcing a lot of top ingredients, freshly cooked, every day. We found this too expensive and time consuming so I decided to buy a load of supplements. We were initially on Vitafem and Vitamen, but I switched us to amitamin fertilsan M and fertil F after I read about in a comparison of male fertility supplements. I found that the amitamin stuff has far more building block nutrients at the same cost. Wellman Conception costs much less, but it has tiny quantities of the important nutrients. No point wasting our precious time trying to save a few bucks!

We finally got pregnant after 1 year of trying. Not sure how much the supplements actually contributed, but it is about the sum of the parts. We got very clinical about maximizing our chances every month - and that included supplements for me and him

So now you have my two cents. Good luck to you ladies, who are TTC! Never give up!

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Fertilemd is the product very good for womens as a supplements.Already i recommend to some of my friends.They loved it and using it.

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Hi TigerLilly!

My DH had zero morphology, low count and slow swimmers, our first IvF was the miracle , had a few failed cycles since BUT with all the supplements he was given, vitamins etc nothing changes his numbers

The past few months he’s been taking a teaspoon of good quality honey every morning and a few nigella sativa seeds, they’re bitter but literally 3-4 seeds he chews with honey. We are now eligible for IUI, his motility went up to 60% and morphology 15, I was thrilled beyond words. This is our first IUI now so fingers crossed

This doesn’t cost much and won’t do any harm! Good luck!

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A while ago I came across an article saying that also yoga increases sperm count

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