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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by MrsAttard View Post
Neither are really great options I think. I don't really want to go through IVF, and neither does DH, but that's our choice if it comes to it. We'd both love to do adoption, but it's possibly more expensive than IVF, and a much harder, longer process. I really hate that you basically have to interview to prove your worth and capability as a parent, but anyone with or without the means can get pg on accident. I'd rather spend $20,000 and have a baby within a year or two, than possibly waiting a decade to be approved for one. I would love an adopted child just the same, I just don't want to wait forever.
I agree 100%, your right about having to prove yourself, when most people can have babies at the drop of the hat. Ideally i would adopt over IVF, but it doesn't make financial sense, and the emotional investment is just so high. My husband and I live very modestly, we have a small house, we both work but we are not rich, I doubt we would even be approved for an adoption!

Hopefully it just happens naturally :-)

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Lawyer chick
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Where I live in Ontario the cost of private adoption is the same as IVF. I think for us dependent on my surgery may 9 we will pursue IVF first. Dh is adopted himself but working in family law the likelihood of adoption of an infant less than a year is so small unless there is voluntarily adoption through private agency.

It sucks that both wys are ridiculously expensive. The only other thing is potential foster to adopt however children can and do go back home. Sigh not a fun process

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I don't understand why IVF is legal and why adoption is so difficult? If I ever decide I want a child. And that is only if I ever earn enough to be able to provide a comfortable upbringing for one. I will most certainly adopt, even though I am able to reproduce. I feel it is deeply irresponsible to bring a child into the world, be it through IVF or the 'normal' process when there are so many children in the world who have no parent(s). Bringing a child into the world is depriving an existing child of a life worth living. There have been a number of studies of ivf plus and cons comparing to adoption. But, as with any profitable and contentious issue, the net is not the best or easiest place to find information. Where negative information appears, it is often quickly drowned in positives. But if you put some effort into it you can track down relevant data. Like I have read articles about Biotexcom clinic. I found a few scandals but they seemed to not high info. Even more, they speak up about negative issues. I guess thatís because they have tons of positive reviews.

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Mum (Mom)
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This is a deeply personal issue. I agree with your basic gyst in that adoption should not be so difficult, but you do come across a little harsh. I don't believe having your own child is irresponsible, or that it deprives another child of anything.

That being said, I believe I would also choose adoption over IVF if it came down to it. For religious reasons partly, but also because I have always wanted to adopt. However, I also recognize that it is hard to know how I would truly feel unless I am actually in that position. I would like to have a child of our own just as badly. I want to have the pregnancy experience, to bring my child into the world, and to look at them and see a tiny human that is equal parts of myself and DH.

To each their own.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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We will do IVF if we could ever afford it. We will end up without children if our choices are brought down to only adoption or having no children.

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Charlei - have you thought on travelling abroad to undergo treatment? I come across many blogs and/or posts of ladies who visited Spain, Czech Rep (Prague), Poland (gdansk), Cyprus where IVF cost is about 1/3 of what they would pay in the country.

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