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quiche recipe please??

I have my sons b'day party next friday i wanted to make a quiche just a basic one maybe lorraine???
If anyone has a really easy to follow recipe.
I dont usually use pasrty it scares me but i am going to give it a go.
Also the ones i have looked at say about baking beans or something and baking parchment is that just baking sheets???

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It's meaning blind baking the pastry first so make the pastry roll out and line dish then cover with baking parchment and put a layer of baking beans or raw rice works cheaper option. Bake about ten mins remove parchment and contents bake further 5 mins. Then add filling and cook. I have mafe successful quiche without baking pastry first. For filling use eggs, milk, cheese, Bacon or ham , onion. You can add what ya fancy to the basic egg milk mix, just cook filling first add to pastry and pour on egg mix. Also pre made block pastry easier just buy and roll out, I do. Hth

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ok thankyou x