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I am sorry, I read this, meant to reply, and then completely forgot, I really do have pregnancy brain (put the butter in the freezer today). I am sorry to read about your depression, the same happens with me. A bad time or bad anxiety prompts me back into the mindfulness routine that brings so much comfort! I hope it continues to be useful to you, I imagine it must do when children are going through those terrible tantrums, pregnancy is making me very intolerant, I would probably through myself on the floor and have a bigger hissy than her if she was mine Nausea is still bad, and applying mindfulness to it makes it much worse (makes me want to puke), so I use distraction or nibbling on food. Anyway, take care, I will try to get down to my practice like you, I could so benefit from it at the moment XXXX

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I have been meditating since i was a child. I would say Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga found me If anyone's interested i can tell you more. Basically, we all have our very own Mother who resides within us, looks after us, corrects us and protects us.
Mother Kundalini sleeps until awakened by someone who already has this energy awakened aka a realized soul.

Sahaja Yoga is very simple and always free of charge.
No need to stand on top of the Himalayas nor is there any need to spend money on a so called guru to achieve your Self Realization. It's completely natural, spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini also known as the real enlightenment or baptism. Baptism because the Kundalini is the same thing as the water of life except you can feel it rising within yourself, it rises upwards along your spine and comes out at the fontanelle on top of your head. It can then be felt as a soft cool breeze above your head or on your hands.
Nothing is required. All you need to have is the pure and genuine desire to have your Kundalini awakened.
It can never be forced on anyone.

Anyway, that in a nutshell is Sahaja Yoga meaning the spontaneous union with the Divine/God/cosmos/allmighty whatever you wanna call it

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