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Realise this is an old thread that has recently been revived, but enjoyed reading different people's faiths and interpretations/choices.

I don't follow an organised faith or religion but respect the right of others to believe in what gives them comfort and strength. However I also feel that children should be given enough facts and understanding about the world (relationships, relating to other races/religions/genders/science, etc...) to build their own paths and make their own choices.

I'm probably somewhere between agnostic and a moral driven Humanist. I am also an active feminist and supporter of equal rights for lgb, trans, asexual, polyamory communities, as well of a supporter of race and disabled rights.

I am a polyamorous woman (Polyamory is a valid alternative to monogamy, and a simple understanding is the capacity to love and build stable relationships with multiple people at once). I live with my partner of over five years and my partner plans to move in soon. Some polyamorous people are married but we're opting for a none legal, more spiritual wedding commitment ceremony when the time comes.

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