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Im not very religious..but for those that are..prayer/thought request..

Im not religious but would like to ask those that are (because this is for my mother and my family and they are religious) to please keep her and my sister..and the rest of my family in their thoughts mom has a very very hard life...and as much as I would like to help there is nothing I can do... I just want something good to happen for getting out of her bad marriage finally..finding some peace in her life..and for my sister..I just want her to grow up and realize you dont always get what you want but you dont have to take that out on others that are helping you..even if you dont see it that way...

if you would like more detail here is my other thread about the whole situation...for those that like to pray for specifics...

I dont care what religion/spirituality you are or what you do in way of prayer/chants/meditation/rituals etc.. just the thought that counts..and whether you do it silently or post it on here.. thank you...

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Sure. I hope everything works out well for you and your Family! I really do!

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