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I'm more agnostic than atheist (I don't support organized religion), but I do wonder as well what my future child will learn when he/she is away from me. I want to teach my child about religions as a belief system so that he'll have that knoweldge, but I fear that my child will grow and "find god" and then try to convert me. I mean, the decision is his/hers at the end, obviously, but I'm hoping my child will decide to believe in fact and science over what no one has ever seen or experienced in a measurable way.

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Hi Ember, I am agnostic but will not be raising my babies that way. I would rather they choose what they would like to be. I will probably try to expose them to a variety of religions.

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Old Sep 10th, 2013, 17:46 PM   13
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Ds, age 3, asked me a couple of days ago where heaven was? I really wasn't expecting this one yet but I think he had heard talk of it when he was visiting his aunt. I explained that to people who believed in god heaven was a place they went to when they die if they were good when they were alive. I went on to say that I believed heaven is were you are when you are with people you love and are happy. He thought for a minute and replied that this meant heaven was where his best friend was.
My plan is to give him an overview of as many religions as I'm able to while telling him why each aspect is not my personal belief, that way he'll have the information to choose for himself.

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I am an athiest and my son has asked about god and stated once that he believes in him. They do the nativity at school and I think that's where it came from as it was quite a while ago and shortly after Christmas he was talking about it.

I will not chose what he believes in, just like my parents didn't with me. If he asks questions I answer them to my knowledge and when we talked about god I told him that I didn't believe in him and asked him if he did and he said yes and I told him he was allowed to believe in what he wanted to believe. Not to compare the two but I'd feel hypocritical telling him he can't believe in God and then encouraging him to believe in Santa haha.

He is however very inquisitive and very interested in science (asks a lot of science based questions, especially questions about earth and how things work like seasons and day and night and bees and flowers those sorts of things) so I think that when he's old enough to connect the two he will probably go the same way as me. But like I said if he doesn't that's okay.

My OH (Toby's step dad) was religious until his teens when he read the bible and did a lot of his own research and changed his mind, he's actually really educated on the subject and I think Toby will probably go the same way as he seems like he will be the kind of person to question things.

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My husband and I are ttc and will be raising a little athiest (hopefully) as well. We're both scientists (DH is an archaeologist and I'm an archaeologist/geophysics researcher) so we are excited to teach our LO how amazing science is

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