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Need help

I figured that this would be the best place to post this. So I have always grown up with the firm belief that the best gifts you can give to a child are a strong sense of family and faith. I grew up going to sunday school and still enjoy going to church if I could find one I like in my area. And hubby he has grown up with neither of these things. His family is just horrible and he has said himself he tries to block out all his memories as best he can and his family also has never encouraged any kind of faith. And I plan on raising LO how I was raised which in my mind was very much the right way. Well a couple weeks ago I asked hubby about what he thought of having LO christianed when we move back to KY and I will have a church to go to there. He told me I know his thoughts on the whole matter. Which I do. He thinks that bringing her up knowing about God and having a faith that I will be brainwashing her and not letting her make her own decisions. Then he goes and says that I would just be forcing her in believing in 'the big magic God in the sky' which that really upset me. And it still bothers me. I keep trying to get him to see that this is the best thing for LO and it is the best gift can give her. I just don't get why he has to fight me so much on the matter especially when he even agrees that he didn't grow up with a good life at all and yet he doesn't want to have LO grow up more of how I did but rather how he did. We disagree even on other issues not just the religious one. I need some suggestions one how to get him to realize that this is the best for her and for all of us.

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Hun my advise would be just don't try to argue with him or force the issue. The only way he will support your decision is if he has a change of heart which only God can do.

So just pray for him, live your life as a witness and trust God to take hold of his heart. In the meantime, be encouraged to draw unto God yourself, He loves you and your family xx

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I grew up in church as well and Dh didnt. I knew id want my kids to know God, some sort of foundation. I didnt expect DH to go or have anything to do with it. I started going whether DH liked it or not and i started bringing the kids. He saw how much they liked it and then they started asking him to come and he would start out by coming to community dinners and then slowly to a couple services. Does he participate? No, but he sits there and puts on a happy face for me and them. I hope he will one day like going.

we go to a methodist church. Its very laid back and upbeat so that may be an option- find a church he might be interested in too.

Also i started having the girls say prayers at meals and before bed and we do bible time. Things DH can be involved in but he doesnt directly have to participate in. KWIM?

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