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Catholics - Help with baptism question!


Im catholic and OH is CofE - long story short we want the baptised in the catholic church.

The only problem is that although i am bap, communioned and confirmed (attended a catholic convent school etc) - all of our friends are CofE .... and the catholic church seem to require at least one godparent/witness to be catholic...

... just wanted to check this is the case? I think it says that they can supply a catholic godparent if we dont have one.... erm... no way!!!

I cant seem to find the right information on the catholic church website. its not very clear / easy to use etc x

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from what i understand, yes, canon law says one parent must desire baptism for their child, and there must be one catholic godparent.

you can always do what a friend of mine did - have 3 godparents show up - 2 non-catholic and 1 catholic - you could ask a deacon or priest to stand as a godparent on the baptism day, along with honoring your other 2 friends/family members as godparents - i've known a few people who've done that so that it's not just some random catholic standing in, lol.

good luck!

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I believe at least one of the godparents must be Catholic and have made their Confirmation. Unless the rules have changed, this is what I was always told. I'm interested to know as well. Our godmother is Catholic and has been Confirmed but our godfather we have picked hasn't quite made his Confirmation yet so I'm hoping it works out. Good Luck!

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I've always been told that one godparent must be a confirmed Catholic. I think that it's because obviously they're supposed to support the child exploring their faith until they're old enough to be confirmed.

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