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The Right Car Seat...

Help! I have been all over the internet trying to figure out what kind of car seats will fit into a 2006 Mini Cooper... The only site I could find was for British car seats. And a lot of places I looked recommended, but the site is no longer available.

Of course I'd start out with a rear-facing infant seat, but I'd eventually have to upgrade to the other weight sizes...I'm just overwhelmed with the lack of information available to me.

So, does anyone know from a friend's experience or your own first-hand knowledge: What car seats will fit safely in a MINI?

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Have you been to any shops to try them out? That's the only way to really know, because it depends on the type of seats you have (I assume you can get different seats in minis like you can in others - normal, bucket etc?), where you want it in the car, the position of the seat in front, the shape of the child...

I wouldn't worry about it for ages yet anyway. I started thinking about which ERF seat we could get to fit in our Golf when I was pregnant with my second child. I was really worried because it would be the second ERF seat and I didn't think we'd get one to fit behind the driver's seat. It was a big waste of time worrying. By the time my daughter was nearly ready for the next stage seat (so at least 9 months later, I was worrying in early pregnancy), there were several new seats on the market and one fits with plenty of space to spare. There are always new seats coming out and old ones being discontinued so I wouldn't even bother looking until a couple of months before LO is ready for the next seat.

If you really want to look at which seats will fit in what cars, have a look at the seats you like the look of and then look on the manufacturer's website. Normally they will have a compatability chart to show you where in each car you can use them.

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Definitely go the a couple stores and try out all your options!

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