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Mia Evan
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Electric vs. Microwave Sterilizer?

Sterilizers are on sale at Babies R' Us right now Just wondering if experienced mommies here have any preference for either electric or microwave sterilizers? I'm a little embarassed because I didn't even really know about them.. I remember my Mom always just boiling water to sterilize my younger sister's bottles and stuff!

Also, I'm looking at sterilizers from Avent, Munchkin, Tommee Tippee, and The First Years; any suggestions?


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We have the Munchkin microwave sterilizer and we both like it (with our first we just boiled the bottles on the stove which makes this even nicer to have )

We went back and forth on electric or microwave but after doing a lot of research we decided to go for a microwave one. The reviews I read for all the electric ones we looked at were really mixed and mentioned that you would have to run a cycle through with vinegar/water to keep it running well pretty often. Also the microwave ones are significantly less money and take up less counter space which helped us to make our decision.

I like the Munchkin sterilizer. We have Playtex bottles and it will fit four of our bottles in at a time. When Rhys was little I did have to run it up to three times a day to get enough bottles sterilized but now I can do it twice a day most days (and sometimes only once depending on the day).

I do recommend buying a drying rack if you get this one as the bottles will not get dry in the sterilizer at all.

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I'm an electric sterilizer fan

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I have an Avent microwave sterlizer and love it. I know this was posted a while ago, but if you haven't decided.

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I had an avent microwave steriliser. It uses very little water and was ideal for me as I was only sterilising my breast pump and one bottle per day.

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Check the size of your microwave before buying a microwave one - the Avent one wouldn't fit IN our microwave after we had to replace the microwave when old one went phuttt!

Ye olde bucket o' Milton for me!

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microwave if not sterilising much

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I've had an advent electric steriliser a tommee tippee electric steriliser and 2 tommee tippee microwave ones and really there is no difference my advent electric had to be loaded a certain way and was fiddly... My tommee tippee one the light indicator stopped working after a month of usage so I never knew if it had finished it's cycle and the microwave ones are just bog standard sterilises no flashy lights just put your bottles in with water and wait for the ping! The electric ones take up worktop space and are quite expensive and the microwave one is cheap and does the job just as good...

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I have a tommee tippee electric steamer steriliser and its brill. I didn't even consider a microwaveable one but this is due to the fact that my microwave disappeared when we moved house :/

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With my first we used a microwave one but then with the second we had another microwave one but the microwave broke so this time we opted for an electric one.

All ours have been tommee tippee

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