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Help Pushchair Advice Needed!


Didnt have any luck posting in toddler firum so will try here ..

Soo i have a toddler & a baby on the way, Keira will be 2 by the time baby is here & im looking for a single pushchair that can be used for both & also a good double.
Have been looking around & i really love the look of the babystyle oyster. I can see you can get carrycot & car seat so for newborns its fine but is it big enough for toddlers? Keira is quite tall & i just wanna make sure she has enough room at the sides & also leg room so she is comfortable, been trying to find a picture of a toddler in one but cant anywhere so if anyone would like to share one please do

Also have had a hard time finding a double i like the look of but just seen at the end of the year oyster are releasing a tandem which can also be used as a single so i could just get this instead of having to buy 2 which would be easier.

But yer basically just need so reviews on size, how heavy it is etc .. & any pics if anyone has any. Thanks

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I have an Oyster - Its outside in the car boot right now so I'll see if I can post some pictures for you later.

We used it with a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio-fix carseat (had to purchase adapters which were 14.99) and it was very convenient to not have to take the baby out of his seat specially when its cold and rainy. The pushchair chassis folds down compactly and its about 7-8 kgs (not very heavy when you carry it with the handle) but with the seat (that's for 6 mth+) attached, it really pretty heavy. About 12 kgs is my guess. And the seat doesn't fold down fully so its very hard to fold it and lug it into a friend's apartment that's upstairs. I usually take the seat and the chassis separately.

That said, its a great pushchair, the seat is SO easy to turn around to face you or ahead - click, lift up, turn around. Its very sturdy and my LO loves it. He's only seven months but I have seen toddlers in Oysters and they seemed very comfortable. Its sturdy and can take a lot of wear and rough use, its very smooth on city pavements or gravelled roads - plus, it folds down to a very reasonable size and fits into the boot of my Civic - I had to take a friend's Quinny once and we had to take its wheels off to make it fit. Also, for such a generous seat, it takes up surprisingly little space compared to the Quinny or a Phil & Teds so its very convenient on the tubes for us.

I cannot recommend this pushchair enough and its SO smart looking but its pretty heavy so if you live in an apartment, or need to be lugging it around for whatever reason, keep that in mind.

I can't wait to see the tandem, even though I only have one little one

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