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boots terrible customer service

I just wanted to warm you of the terrible customer service I have experienced at boots over the past 2 months. Basically I bought a Maclaren buggy which had developed dodgy wheels after 2 months. I contacted boots who were very good, listened to the fact I couldn't be without a buggy etc and told me to go straight into store, I went into store and was told nothing could be done so they called and a helpful guy told he the buggy is out of stock and to check online each day until it comes back in at which point they will send out a new buggy and collect my buggy on the same day. I checked and checked and called and called and only now (7 and a half Weeks later) that it's come back in stock. I called today to arrange one buggy being returned and the other sent out to be told tough that can't be done, you were told a low originally but we aren't going to do anything to help. What has to happen is you send the buggy back, they look at it and then they will arrange a replacement...leaving me without a buggy despite having waited almost 2 months and been told a pack of lies by staff...I spoke to another manager who said the same, I explained I am pregnant and can't be without a buggy (my little inner naps each day in it) and she said that's the only option....I said again what I had been told and she said the staff members were wrong but she wouldn't do anything.
I recommend shopping in John Lewis, staff there know what they're talking snotty, and if a mistake is made they ensure the customer is looked after.

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