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Diono Radiant RXT carseat reviews? Anyone?

My daughter is 4, and with LO on the way, we need a slimmer carseat for her. Shes very small and petite for her age, so a booster seat isnt an option. I have a very compact car and will have to fit three kids in the back (one of which isnt in a carseat at all. Ive read that the Diono Radiant RXT is meant for compact cars and can fit three to a back seat, so its compact, and has very high safety ratings. Anyone on here have one these carseats? Is it worth the price tag? Hoping to buy something this month so we can move her out of her bulky carseat, and its been near impossible finding anything compact enough that isnt a booster seat (we need the 5 point harness for her)

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Hm I am considering buying one of these for my first, so I am interested as well.

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We have the Radian and it is very compact. We've been able to fit it, a bulky car seat and Rhys's bucket seat three across in a car before (when we went with friends) only because of how narrow the Radian is.

Personally I liked how our Evenflo (big and bulky) tightened better (straps were easier for me to do) but the Radian is a good seat and if you need something narrow it's probably the seat you should go for

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