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Greta Chick
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Pushchair recommendations needed please


I need a new pushchair for my toddler as I currently have 2 very different ones, and would like to get rid of them both and just have one, as I keep them both in my car so there isn't a great deal of room left in my boot lol.

What I'm looking for is a one-handled pushchair with large rear wheels and 2 front swivel wheels that are good for country walks/grass fields etc as well as around town. The seat unit needs to face both ways, lie totally flat and be long enough for a toddler to lie comfortably in. Suspension and a decent sized basket that is easy to get to no matter what position the seat unit is in are also a must. Preloved is fine, it doesn't have to be in as new condition but it does have to look nice and be in good enough condition to last and work hard for me lol.

Now the 2 things that will probably limit my options. It needs to be narrower than 60cm and be as cheap as possible.

I love the look of the Babystyle Oyster and it fits all of our needs, but I've read lots of bad reviews about the frames and wheels breaking apart so I don't really want to consider that one now.

Some I have looked at and like (though they're all exactly 60cm wide) are the Kiddicouture Fizz, Jane Muum and Obaby Zezu. I haven't looked at the price of those yet, but they all seem to have all of my criteria........

If anyone can offer any other makes/models that would fit my needs I would really appreciate it.

I currently have a Herqules Razor 6 Spin which I love and is great for off roading, but it's 65cm wide and when we go away it doesn't fit in cafes etc very well and the basket is hard to get to in parent facing mode. I also have a M&P Pliko P3 which is great for around town, on buses and for taking away with us. It's not good for off roading and doesn't face both ways though. Both are over 8 years old but are still going strong despite lots of use, so I need something that is just as strong and sturdy as those.

Thanks in anticipation if anyone can help!


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Mum (Mom)
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I've just got a baby jogger citi mini gt, doesn't meet all of your specs but it is amazing and i much prefer it to our bugaboo!

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Uppababy vista fits all your requirements apart from it's 63.5cm. The uppababy cruz is 56.5cm but has 4 small wheels x

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Have a google at the M & P Rubix?

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I've ordered the britax b-smart 4 I'm not sure the width of it but I love the look other then the width part it seems to fit your criteria

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