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Babystyle oyster pram useless

hello mummies and daddies,
hope this is the right place just having a rant and hopefully to get some advice. I bought the babystyle oyster from mothercare back in February and my daughter was born in the march. well I have had nothing but problems since day one. firstly it was setting alarms off when I would enter and leave a shop very embarrassing as can imagine, we worked out it was the carrycot so back to mothercare who sent it to babystyle who thankfully sent a new one out. in the meantime my wheel buckled so we had to get a now one which is a different colour to the other not major but I know its there. back to carrycot, carrycot number two was also setting alarms off so back to mothercare again who got in touch with babystyle who were not helpful at first but eventually sent me a new one. problem solved. went to put it up the other day and something didn't feel right the latch to fold it down had snapped and it wouldn't fold at all. back to mothercare we went with the pram up in the back of the car who sent it to babystyle who have sent it back saying there is nothing wrong with it. there is as I believe the spring has snapped in it me and my partner and mil could nit get it to budge at all. I love the pram but hate it with a passion how many more things can go wrong????? can I ask mothercare for an exchange near on 500 pounds worth of pram and its useless. I hope someone can help me. I would tell everyone to steer clear of it thank you for reading and sorry for warbling xxxx

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Thanks for the info x

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